Sunday, 24 October 2010

Website launched

Following frenetic activity over the past couple of weeks (hence there being no posts here), I've launched my Elsie May and Bertha website onto the world wide web (i.e. at
I've been busy sewing cushion covers, christmas decorations and scented hearts and knitting washcloths (I can complete one of these really quickly now) and adding these to the handmade section of the site. I've also had the excuse of being able to go out shopping for vintage items, though I have got to be strong and make sure that all the vintage stuff goes onto the website and not into the house! Visit the vintage goods section of the site to see what I've got available (including this Avon Ware dish below).
 The next job is publicity. I think that this is going to be the hardest bit of the whole enterprise. I can make stuff at the drop of a hat, and managing the website is the same as type of stuff I've done when I was working for the council, but advertising is something completely new.
There's simple stuff to be done, submitting the site to search engines and starting a word of mouth campaign by sending the link to everyone I know and encouraging them to pass it on. But the real hard bit will be the advertising campaign. Saatchi and Saatchi I ain't. So wish me luck as I delve into the dark and mysterious world that is advertising.


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