Sunday, 7 November 2010

On the joys of a cold, bright November day

Don't get me wrong, I like a warm, sultry summer's day, but you can't beat the clarity of a bright, but cold, day. The problem with the heat of a summer's day is that it creates a haze, which makes viewing distances especially, fuzzy. Whereas when it's cold and bright the clarity is much better. We take much better landscape photographs in Scotland when we go in October, than when we go in May. Today we took a walk along the promenade to New Brighton.

One of the advantages of living on the Wirral side of the River Mersey, is that we have an excellent views of Liverpool. As well as the world famous Liverpool three graces (the Liver, Cunard and Port of Liverpool buildings), and the new buildings, such as the Liverpool Echo Arena and BT Conference centre and the Museumn of Liverpool building, we also have a great view of the Liverpool, Bootle and Seaforth docks.

Not very exciting you might think, but you'd be wrong. As you look up the river from the Pier Head, you first come across the tobacco warehouse in Stanley Dock, it was claimed that it was the largest brick built warehouse in the world when it was built in 1901 (it's amazing the bits of information you can pick up from the internet!). Unfortunately, a new use still hasn't been found for it as yet, so it stands in decaying splendour at present.

Farther along, there's the docks where the great liners used to leave the Mersey for America.  Admittedly, the next bit isn't pretty, as it's tanks of some description. What follows is a mixture of sheds, and other buildings in a mixture of blue and beige. They look especially good next to a blue and sunny winter sky. The colours match perfectly. Eastman colours, my mother calls them (Eastman produced film from the fifties onwards that had soft overtones).

On our side of the river, just before you get to the end, you walk past Vale Park. There are some lovely autumnal trees there at the moment.

Though, with the windy weather we're having at present, I'm not sure how long the leaves are going to last on the trees!



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