Saturday, 5 March 2011

Vintage finds

After reading a Thrifty Mrs' blog post on her kitsch vintage finds, I thought I'd share a few of my best buys. Now I am supposed to be buying stuff to go into the Elsie May and Bertha vintage emporium when I go charity shop shopping, but it's suprising how many items arrive onto my shelves, rather than be posted onto the site. The problem is I only buy what I like and unfortunately (from the other half's point of view anyway), this means I hang onto more than I should.

Price and Kensington bath salt jar
This bath salt jar is one of my latest purchases. The gold leaf on the lettering is a little worn, but apart from that it's perfect and it only cost £1!

The little plate at the back of this picture was also bought this week, for 10p (I also bought some lace and linen chair backs, and two pieces of lace at the same time, this came to a total of 70p, I still felt a little guilty when I left the charity shop even though I donated the 30p change!). The flowers have been painted on top of the glaze, so the plate was probably bought as a blank and decorated at home. The large slops bowl and milk jug were bought in Oban.

Ironstone coffee pot.
I collect red and white china to match the red toile de joy wallpaper that's on the walls of the dining end of our kitchen diner. This coffee pot was a £3 bargain.

I bought a pair of these soup bowls and plates for £3 for the pair. I've also begun to pick-up  brown transfer patterned plates. I especially like the ones that have colours added like this one, which was 50p.

Another one of my coloured brown transfer plates, again bought for 50p.

This green, pressed glass vase is my favourite vase. All types of flowers look good in it because of it's fluted shape. I've had this a while now so I can't remember what I paid for it.

The cruet set in this photo is incomplete as it's missing its salt dish, but it's beautifully made out of silver-plate and the jars are moulded glass. The jug is another 50p find.

You could easily start your own collection without spending too much money. You just have to be prepared to regularly visit your local charity shops, as their stock changes really quickly, so you never know what you're going to find.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my vintage finds.


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