Friday, 17 June 2011

Skincare - doing our bit for the environment

After buying one of my washcloths, a friend asked whether I could make something smaller for removing make-up. I knitted a few samples and she tried them out to see which one worked best - and the cleansing cloth was born.

These squares are knitted on smaller needles than the washcloths so that the 'more solid' so that whatever you use for removing your make-up doesn't fall through.

As these cloths are washable it means that you never have to throw away a cotton wool ball or pad again. So if you use these instead of of cotton wool your make-up is removed and you're doing your bit for the environment and they're knitted from organic cotton too!

We're selling these in sets of eight, that way you have one for every day of the week and one left while the others are in the wash.

If you'd like your own set of cleansing cloths, or one of our washcloths, visit the Elsie May and Bertha website to see what's available.


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  1. I've just come across your blog, don't ask me where from 'cos I can't remember it was a few minutes ago :o)

    What a lovely blog and what a great idea, I'd never have thought of using knitted cleansing pads. I imagine they'll go down a bomb, good luck with them. :o)

    I've enjoyed visiting so much I've become a follower.

    Peg x