Monday, 19 September 2011

All the fun of the fair (well all most).

Elsie May and Bertha had a stall at the Cathedral Fair at the Anglican Cathedral (Liverpool) last Saturday (17th September). At the fair, as well as other stalls, there was abseiling down the the front of the Cathedral (definitely not my idea of fun), Hornby trains and Meccano and demonstrations of sculpting, wood working and spinning so there was lots to see and do.

The Elsie May and Bertha stall
The Cathedral was a lovely place to have the stall, we had a lovely view down the chancel towards the altar.

The view towards the altar.
One advantage of being in the cathedral was that there were a lot of visitors, including a lot of Japanese. However, there's still the problem of persuading people to buy.

Rose sachets and hearts on the left, washcloths and cleansing cloths on the right.
A lot of people said that I had some lovely stuff and a couple of people did buy, but I only made £14, which didn't cover the table price (£25).

Lavender goodies, brooch cushions and christmas stockings.
I think that one of my problems was that there was too much on my table, too much choice.

Christmas decorations and lavender pillows.
At my next fair, (Psychic and Vintage Fair at the Liner Hotel, Liverpool 2nd October), I'll concentrate on my christmas decorations and lavender and rose scented items. But I will have a folder with pictures of the other things that I make and lots of cards with the web address on ( if you don't already know it). As with any business, it take time and perseverance to get going, so I'm plodding on. At least I'm doing something that I love, a lot of people don't have the opportunity to do that.

Blue velvet with pink braid (£8.50).
A 3-part set of silk beaded hearts, made from vintage Japanese silk (£11.50).
Snowball star felt decorations (£3.50 each).
Clove scented linen hearts (£3.50 each).
White linen christmas hearts (£3.50 each).
All of the Elsie May and Bertha christmas decorations will be available from our website in the next few days.

Other talented crafters, artists and makers who were at the fair

Debra Clare Rooney an artist and designer specialising in ceramic, wood and drawings - her turned wood bowls are beautiful.

May Chong, an illustrator and artist, lovely black and white illustrations.

Beads and Bobs, lots of jewellery loveliness.

Elizabeth J. Wall a textile artist. Elizabeth was displaying some large textile pieces and the cathedral that were so gorgeous I had to take some pictures (see below), I'm sure you'll agree that her work is wonderful.

by Elizabeth J. Wall

Part of an ecclesiastical cloak by Elizabeth J. Wall

by Elizabeth J. Wall

by Elizabeth J. Wall


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