Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lacey hearts

The other day I was having a wander through some of my sewing and craft books, and in one (Victorian-style Needlecrafts) came across a picture of lavender sachets made out of lace. As luck would have it, I'd come across some of the remnants of lace from my wedding dress. As the dress was made 23 years ago, I think that makes the lace vintage (and me along with it!). So I decided to have a go at making some hearts using the lace. As the lace is used as one of the sides of the heart on its own decided to fill the hearts with rose petals as the holes of the lace may let lavender flowers through.

For the back of the hearts I used some light cream cotton from an old chair back. I cut the hearts out and sewed one lace piece to a cotton piece, by laying one on top of the other, right-sides out, leaving a gap to add the petals through. The raw edges are disguised by the lace sewn all round the heart.

Once the heart had been filled, I closed up the gap and fixed the lace all round the heart. I then added the ribbon loops, via the vintage buttons and added the ribbon rose to the bottom of the heart.

The hearts are now available to buy in the Elsie May and Bertha shop.


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