Sunday, 13 October 2013

Where did the week go?

It doesn't seem a week since I was last telling you what I had been up to,  but Sam (my tablet, short for Samsung)  says it's Sunday, so Sunday it is.

So what have I been doing? In short, knitting, card making, a brooch, a visit to the charity shops in New Brighton and Hoylake and lots of boring computer work.

The knitting is a scarf for the winter scarf swap I'm taking part in. My swap partner asked if her scarf could be green as it's one of her favourite colours and, luckily, I had some lovely green wool in my stash.  I'd bought it ages ago on Skye in Scotland.  It's hand-dyed aran weight wool, by the colours in it reminds me of Scottish hillsides.  A mixture of greens and browns, with a spot of blue. Unfortunately you can't really the colours properly in the picture below. I'll post better ones when the scarf is finished.

                                    Photo: Start of scarf for my #winterscarfswap partner 

The card making - I made few more Christmas cards, including those below.

 Photo Photo Photo 

The brooch is made from a scrap of Vanessa Arbuthnot fabric decorated with a bit of embroidery, silver thread and beads.

                                              Photo: Just finished this brooch. It'll be mounted onto a decorated card then added to my website for sale.  It'll be £6.50 plus p&p. If you buy it before it goes onto my website it'll be £5 plus p&p (90p). 

I found some lovely things in the charity shops this week. In New Brighton, there was pink velvet, a gorgeous art deco dish (you can't see it in the picture below, but it has a lovely mottled appearance), a vintage knitting pattern, some paper (you can never have too much paper) and an biography about Virginia Cherrill, who was picked by Charlie Chaplin to appear in one of his films. She went on to marry Cary Grant, a Lord and a Polish air ace. I'm looking forward to reading this!

                                               Photo: Yesterday's charity shop treasures (piece of velvet, knitting pattern,  pad of paper,  book and Royal Winton dish).

On Thursday, after dropping off the blue embroidered fish to Jo at the Seagrass Gallery in Hoylake, I had a mosey around the charity shops there, where I found a couple of things and then I had a look around the ones in Liscard, where I found a bit more. A total of eight charity shops! I found a 1950s knitting pattern, a linen top, a glass dish, a pile of broken jewellery, a white linen and lace traycloth, two needlework magazines from the 1990s and a pad of handmade paper.

                                               Photo: Today's charity shop treasures (a; linen top, large pad of coloured paper,  two bags of jewels, glass bowl, traycloth, knitting pattern and two needlecraft magazines). 

Not a bad haul eh?

In between knitting, card making, sewing and charity shops I spent a fair bit of time on the computer adding new things onto my website. The computer work isn't hard, but it is so time consuming. But it does have to be done if I want what I make to be seen!

Quite a busy week for me.

This week is going to be fairly busy too as I've had a couple of items commissioned and I've more Christmas cards to add onto my website. I've also started to sell some of my wares through a new craft selling website called Crafty Magpie, which does mean more computer work, but, hopefully, that'll bring Elsie May and Bertha to more people.

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Have a great week.



  1. I love doing charity shop mooches, Neston is a good place for them too! The wool is beautiful, I don't know how you can bear to part with the scarf when it's finished!

  2. Sure has been a good week! The scarf looks like it is going to be beautiful. What a nice swap!

  3. that wool from Skye sounds soooo gorgeous, your swap partner is a lucky lady!

    love the Christmas cards too, especially the third one along - so pretty!

    lots of fantastic charity shop finds too :) x

    p.s. i feel your pain re computer work... so dull and time consuming but as you say, very necessary!

  4. Can't wait to see the finished scarf. Your swap partner will be delighted with it. Well done on the charity shop finds. They're certainly becoming the crafters friend xx

  5. Your scarf looks lovely, and you can tell it is a gorgeous colour.

  6. A lot of lovely finds - Charity shops are absolute treasure troves for goods to be used in different ways for our crafting. Your cards are lovely, particular the one with lace and the star. Hope you have a good week.

  7. Charity shops are great for finding bits and pieces, I love having a good rummage. Your Christmas cards are sweet too.

  8. I love a good mooch around the charity shops, it's great to find a bargain.
    Have you thought of making your pics a tad bigger, it would give a better view of the details. The shape of the Art Deco dish looks lovely. :)

    Jan x

  9. Looks like your charity shops have much more variety than the ones near me. All I seem to see are T-shirts, tops and plate sets.