Saturday, 13 September 2014

Works in progress

The past couple of weeks have mainly been spent on completing a cloth for my Mum's birthday, which I couldn't share with you until my Mum had seen it (there'll be a blog post on it soon).

Since then I've started some new things, as well as doing some work on a collage I started ages ago.

Ribbon embroidery

I'm starting a new ledger on plants and flowers, taking photos, making samples etc to inspire future work. I'm starting with these photos of pyracantha, a draft page and a sample with beads and embroidery thread.


I've started Karen Ruane's latest course, simply stitch five and the first thing we're working on is a cloth made from hankies. This is my first one.

I've also started to add a bit more to the white collage I started earlier this year.


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  1. I love ribbon work although I've never done it myself. I just brought home a book on basic ribbon work from my local thrift store. I hope to be inspired by it! I adore vintage textiles with ribbon work on them, especially the French textiles. Please post more of your ribbon work as you create it.