Saturday, 23 April 2016

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - a collage

This collage was the second of the swaps that had hungover into this year. This one was called 'for the walls', and we had to make something to hang up. My partner liked Charlie and the Chocolate so I chose this image from the film remake that had Johnny Depp in.

I printed the image (it's a poster for the film) onto fabric using my ordinary Epson printer. I then added stitch to various parts of the image. Apart from the face, which I wanted to keep really pale as that was the way it was in the film, I 'coloured in' the areas that I hadn't embroidered on with permanent ink pens to add depth to the colours.

I then attached the completed image to a sandwich of matching fabric and batting to add a little rigidity. I attached rings to the back to enable the collage to be hung up.

It wasn't my usual choice of image, but I am rather pleased with the way that it came out.


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