Thursday, 26 May 2016

Works in progress 26 May 2016

 I'm doing some work using illustrations from a book. So far I've done a colour study and added pigtails and french knots to the image in the last three photos.

I have a new phone and it's a lot bigger than the old one so I need a new cover. It's going to be pink!

My pouch now has lace in it.

Scraps of fabric that have been stitched to make bows.

I'm going to do some more stitching on paper using these images, the coat is from a book, but the rest are wallpaper. The may just become samples though, if I like them enough I may frame and sell them.

My pink and white pouch ready to be stitched together.

Two brooches waiting to be backed.

Hopefully, I should be able to complete the pouch, brooches and phone cover during the next week.

I'll be back on Saturday.