Friday, 28 October 2016

It started with some flamingos...

While I was on my couple of days off I did another page in my junk journal. This one started with a set of stickers with flamingos and pineapples that I was sent by one of my American penpals (they're from the Reflections range by Michaels and the USA).

Originally, I was aiming for a 1950s-style Miami theme, but I didn't have what I needed in my stash nor could I find it on Pinterest, so I decided to do this collage of four different, but linked, images instead. The design on the background of the flamingos on their tropical island and the two Florida pieces were found on Pinterest. I already had the cocktail shaker one,  though that probably came from Pinterest too. 

Once I'd decided on this layout it didn't take me long to finish, with the orange and pink jewels being the last elements I added. Again, it didn't finish how I first thought it would, but I do like the way it came out in the end.

I quite often get a bit of ephemera or some stickers in my letters from my penpals, and so that I can remember who they came from, I like to use the ones from each penpal separately, plus they quite often take me in a style direction that I wouldn't have normally followed. I have some space-themed postage stamps and a card from Nasa in one letter I received recently, so my next page will have a space theme to it that I wouldn't have chosen without having those starting pieces.

I'll be back again on Sunday.



  1. So cute. Of course, being from Florida this caught my eye. I love utilizing vintage maps in designs. Your combination makes an awesome and fun page.Hope you enjoyed days off, and your *Birthday*!

  2. Thank you Gwen. I did enjoy my days off and had a lovely birthday 💜