Sunday, 4 June 2017


Both the white on white and blue and white pieces I'm working on started off with a piece of fabric cut from a vintage cotton sheet so they have raw edges (the blue and white one started a lot smaller than it is now and it was extended with another piece of vintage sheet and then topped with a piece from a napkin with it's edge still attached). I could create a hem on each edge but it's more fun to use different bits and pieces instead.

As the top edge is already done, I hemmed the top edge of the broderie anglais, adding some sequins as decoration and the piece of floral fabric on the left.

This blue-stitched edge came from a fragment I got in a scrap pack - it's still waiting to be sewn down.

The bottom edge is a piece from a chair back, with most of its lace cut off and used elsewhere (the flowers I added to my skirt came from it)

This white edge is from the same cloth as the top half of the piece.

This one is a scrap of fabric

This is an edge from a tablecloth.

I often cut pieces from the insides of tablecloths or napkins etc and not need use the edges of the item, so I keep these in a china bowl in my workroom until required. For the blue and white piece in the photos above, I've used a number of different edges, as indicated in the caption for each photo.

The white piece turned out to be just the right size to fit a three-sided edge of a napkin, as you can see in the second photo of the white piece above. I've attached each edge with stab stitches through holes of edge and I'm now in the process of buttonhole stitching around the cut edge of the edge piece. All I need to do now is find something to edge the bottom edge.

I'll be back on Tuesday.


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