Thursday, 18 April 2019

The 100 days project - days 7 - 14

Apologies for the late posting, but here are my stitched squares for day 7 to day 14.

Day 7 - a circle of linen with a scrap of lace at its centre, attached and encircled in long and short stitch. 

Day 8 - a circle of backstitch enclosing a myriad of french knots, with radiating arms of backstitch form the edge of the circle. 

Day 9 - three lozenges of fabric attached using long and short stitch. 

Day 10 - a vintage button attached to the fabric and oversewn with thread and decorated with french knots and beads.  

Day 11 - a backstitched  row of pink flowers in the grass.

Day 12 - pleated fabrics that have had the edges of the pleats decorated with (from top left of gingham fabric) couched wavy thread, green sequins attached with running stitch, french knots,  cross-stitchand zigzag  chainstitch. On the far right is bobble trim attached with beaded running stitch. The floral pleated fabric is edged with (from the top edge) stab stitch, blanket stitch and a version of herringbone stitch.  

Day 13 - woven strips of fabric with a line of running stitch down the centre of each row.

Day 14 - scrap squares of fabric,  attached with a french knot in a grid pattern.

I'm really enjoying the (self-imposed) rigor of producing a square of stitch each day and exploring different ideas.

I'll be back with more next week.


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