Thursday, 16 May 2019

100 day project - days 34 - 43

Day 34 - a scrap of  lace fabric that I created that's been decorated with fabric squares beads and sequins.

Day 35 - a blanket stitched square of fabric with crossed threads and a satin flower.

Day 36 - a square of green and white floral fabric, with pink lace decorated with beads.

Day  37 - a square piece of pink fabric with green polka dots, 3 pieces of crocheted cotton lace decorated with sequins and beads.

Day 38 - a brass ring sandwiched between the cotton fabric and striped linen with stitch and sunray lines of backstitch with a bead at the end.

Day 39 - a blanket stitched floral fabric heart outlined with 3 lines of running stitch.

Day 40 - two rectangles of fabric and a satin flower.

Day 41 - three fabric prairie points tucked under a piece of green and white striped crossgrain ribbon decorated with sequins and beads.

Day 42 - a piece of gingham edged with pink crocheted cotton lace and a single prairie point and decorated with white sequins and beads.

Day 43 - a pleated rectangle of gingham edged with velvet ribbon that is edged with beads on one size and sequins on thread loops on the other side.


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