Friday, 29 May 2020

Fabric musings and a few buttons

When I first started on my little Elsie May and Bertha shop, I bought fabric whenever I found it, usually in charity shops and remnants, stuff I liked of course. However ,over the past 10 years my work has changed, it's a lot smaller in size. So it's scraps that excite me these days.

To me, big pieces shout clothes, bags, cushions etc and I jut don't want to make them anymore (plus selling these got a lot harder!). Now, I make little things out of scraps of fabric.

Like many of us at the moment, I'm spending a lot more time in my workroom and I've been staring at all of the fabric on the shelves. To make some space (and allow for new purchases!) I've decided to give away a lot of it, either back to charity shops or in the community if I find anyone who needs fabric. As for my scraps,  I keep them in categories - stripes, floral, patterns etc though I'm planning on sorting my little scraps into colours.

Consequently,  a large portion of my workroom looks like an explosion in a fabric factory as it's taking me a bit of time to do this as I can only do a bit at a time (I have chronic fatigue syndrome). I'll share photos when it's done.

The 100 day project reached its halfway point a couple of days ago - it's going so fast! Here's a selection of some of my buttons. You can see all of them on my Instagram feed.


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