Wednesday, 10 February 2021

#100dayproject2021 day 2 - day 8

 I'm a bit behind on my post as my bug really reduced what I was capable of. The only thing I've managed for about a week was these little projects for the 100 day project. Everything else ground to a halt. Yesterday, I managed to get to my workroom for the first time in a week, though that last flight of stairs was a killer. That's the problem with having chronic fatigue, it makes what would have probably been a minor inconvenience a 100 times worse. My bug symptoms have nearly all gone, I'm now left with the fatigue. This is when I need to be careful. I'm raring to go in my head, but my body thinks otherwise. So I need to do a bit, but not too much, which can be a balancing act!

Anyway, let's get back to the stitchy stuff.

Day 2 - a little red and white brooch. Three fabric scraps, one with selvedge, three Suffolk puffs with buttons and some flower lace.

 Day 3 - tiny Suffolk puffs. The smallest is just over half a centimetre the biggest about 2cm in diametre.

Day 4 - a little piece, a bit of linen and floral fabric, with wee scraps of linen and lace and a bit of bling from a broken piece of jewellery. This one measures 3cm x 2cm approx.

Day 5 - a blue and white patchwork button. I'd created the base of this button for last year's 100 day project but didn't need it. I stitched wee scraps of blue and white fabric onto the button until it was all covered. I added a couple of scraps of lace and some seed beads as decoration.

Day 6 - a little linen heart. I'd already cut this heart out of a piece of linen traycloth before it found its way into the scrapbox. I've decorated it with one of the suffolk puffs I made on day 3, a scrap of broderie anglais, a piece of antique silk, a bit of crocheted doily and a few french knots.

Day 7 - I'd already had the paperclip prepped with the piece of book page for making this paperclip charm so all I had to do to decorate it. I wrapped it with red then cream cotton scraps and added a lace flower. I also put a couple of beads and a vintage button.

Day 8 - a little amulet made from a scrap of ticking, an edge, another suffolk puff from day 3 and scraps of lace and a mother of pearl button. I used a piece of lace to make the hanging loop for the safety pin to go through (it needs a larger pin). I've also used a charm and a couple of pieces from broken jewellery to create a dangly from the bottom.

I'll be back with days 9 - 15 next week.


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