Friday, 9 April 2021

#52tagshannemade week 14

Week 14's prompt was treasures reminding you of a favourite place and a pocket for holding them.

My favourite place was Scotland and the lace pocket holds a portion of an acer leaf and a scented geranium leaf. The acer leaf is from a tree in the grounds of the Glengarry Castle Hotel where we stay when we're in Scotland.  The origins of the geranium leaf are the same as I propagated the plant from a leaf of the plant growing at Glengarry.  

I've also added wee bunches of moss and sheep's wool that were picked up during walks in Scotland. 

I made the two fabric buttons as part of my #100dayproject2021 (day 66) specifically for this tag. I used a mixed of tea-dyed and patterned fabrics for this tag and used the tea-dyed one for the buttons too.

It was fun stitching this tag as it enabled me to think of past Scottish holidays whilst I stitched. Hopefully,  we should be able to add more memories later on this year🤞.


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