Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fabric scraps - uses for

I like fabric, so much so, that I don't like to throw out any, except the teeniest tiniest, scraps of fabric. They all go into my scrap basket (it's an old picnic basket).

As you can see from the photos above, the basket is getting a tad full, so to thin it out a bit I decided to cut out some squares for patchwork.

I have three different sizes of fabric template I use at present. The one I used for each scrap depended on the size of the scrap.

Once I'd made a bit of dent in the amount of fabric in the basket, I started tacking the smallest patches onto backing papers (I use thin card ones, using the covers of old catalogues). 

I'll store the completed patches until I have enough to complete a whole quilt, or I fancy making a patchwork cushion cover. Anything I do make will be a random patchwork as there's so many different scraps of fabric used.

Do you hoard fabric scraps too?


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