Thursday, 19 April 2012

Lovely veggies

We have been having a veggie box delivered, roughly every fortnight, for a year now. We started because we'd had a leaflet put through the door advertising Riverford, who were extending their delivery range. The veggies looked lovely, the price was reasonable, compared with others that we'd looked at, and it would save carrying veggies from the shops,  so we ordered our first box.

Since we have had the boxes, we are eating more veggies, which can only be good for us, as we use all that we're sent. My Mum started getting the boxes a couple of weeks after we did, which means we can swap the things that we aren't keen on.

The veggies themselves, are organic and seasonal, and do taste better than most supermarket veggies. Whether this is due to the veggies being organic or the variety grown I'm not sure all I know is that they taste great!

Here's what we had this week.

These will keep us going for a bit!

What is it about cats and boxes? If they see one, they have to jump in.

Jack in a box.
Do you like your veggies, do you grow your own? We would if we had the space and the energy too. Peas straight off the plant are lovely. We do grow some herbs (lemon verbena and mint do really well here) and pea shoots are really easy to grow and difficult to buy. All you need to do is sew some dried peas into a pot, lightly cover with soil, water and then wait for them to grow a couple of inches, cut and use them in salads etc. If you sow a few each week you can have them all through the summer and into autumn. Thanks to Alys Fowler for this one.


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