Friday, 15 June 2012

Pincushion swap

Over the last month I have been privileged to have been part of a pincushion swap. The idea was that you sent your details (name, address, any blogs or websites you have and a little introduction about yourself) to the swap's brilliant organisers. They read through all of the details and paired people together. My swap partner was Jo from Harry and LeeLee. The organisers must have some kind of magical powers as well as being a maker like myself, Jo works as a legal librarian and I used to work in a library, which was something I didn't write about in my little introduction, spooky!

I knew straight away which pincushion I wanted to make, one that I had seen in the Liberty Book of Home Sewing that I was given at Christmas. A peacock.

Once I had had a look at Jo's website I decided on a pink patterned fabric I've had for quite a while.

I though that the peacock would be quite difficult to make, but I found that the hardest part was actually stuffing the body of the bird so that the shape was right and it could stand up on its own.

The feathers were a little fiddly, but once you've done a couple it was quite straight forward. When I make the next one, though, as well as adding wire to the feathers to make them stand up, I'll also add some interfacing to make the fabric even more stiff. I could use a thicker/stiffer fabric, but then it would be harder to sew the detail on.

As well as the peacock I added a couple of little extras, some pins (a bit obvious I know), some lace and ribbon from my stash and a little card I'd made.


I really enjoyed this swap and am looking forward to the next one.



  1. wow! that is so cute and clever! i am sure that your partner loved it! keri

  2. What fun you've been having! Your peacock pin cushion is darling! So nice to know you came by!

  3. Thank you so much for visiting!
    I am sew jealous that I can't sew...these are adorable!