Sunday, 3 June 2012

Tired cats, the garden beginning to flower and finished tea cosies

Although it is damp and grey today, at the start of this week it was gloriously sunny and hot. It was too hot for me and the cats (Jack and Ollie). The garden, without any assistance from me (I am so behind on gardening this year!) is beginning to flower and I managed to complete the tea cosies I have been knitting.

Elsie May and Bertha will have a stall at the Vintage Fair at St. George's Hall, Liverpool, next Saturday (9th June) and we will be taking the tea cosies with us if you fancy one.

Hope to see you there.



  1. Love love LOVE those! Very vintage country cottage. :)

  2. Your tea cosies are lovely! Knitting is one craft I've never managed to learn. But I imagine it to be very relaxing.

    1. I do find knitting relaxing, especially when it's a straight forward pattern like those tea cosies.

  3. Your kitties look very relaxed indeed! :) I have two piled in the bed this morning as well. Gorgeous garden flowers, I'm afraid that the heat over here is already beginning to take a toil on my flowers. That's not good as we are only into the first week of summer. But that's life in Texas.


    PS LOVE the tea cozies!!!!!

  4. Hi Louise!

    Your tea cozies are wonderful!! Thanks for popping by, and yes, I am in the same pin cushion much fun!

  5. Hi there! So nice you came to visit me! You have made some darling tea cozies! The garden is lovely. Don't you LOVE this time of year? Have a lovely weekend!