Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Creative Connections monthly craft challenge - November

The theme for the November challenge is 'Winter'. Which is rather apt has the weather has taken a cold turn this week (though at least it's not as bad as in the USA today with Hurricane Sandy!).

My project idea is a shawl. These are useful when it turns a little chilly, you can where them around the house, in bed while your reading or pop under your coat when you're braving the elements.

The pattern for this shawl is simple:

Cast on 3 stitches.

Row 1 - knit 1, wrap yarn around your needle, knit 1, wrap yearn around needle, knit 1.

Row 2 (and other even rows) pearl to end.

Row 3 (and other odd rows) - always knit the first stitch, wrap yarn around your needle, knit to last stitch, wrap yarn around needle, knit 1.

Cast off when desired length is reached.

I used an acrylic mohair yarn (natural mohair makes me itch) for this (a charity shop find) and knitted it on 5mm needles so it grew quite quickly. You can use what ever yarn you want and which ever needles that your yarn requires (or you want to use, there is no guage for this pattern!).

I decorated my shawl with a few knitted flowers (you can find plenty of free patterns for these at Knitting Pattern Central), but you can add whatever takes your fancy. The holes created down each side of the shawl could be used for tassels, for example.

Happy knitting.

This shawl is now available to buy in the Elsie May and Bertha shop.

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  1. What a lovely and cosy looking shawl and so easy to make. The colour is lovely and the little flower just finishes it off.

  2. Very wintery. I like the details of the little flowers.

  3. What a lovely shawl - it looks nice enough to be worn to a winter wedding! Thanks for joining up with Handmade Monday x

  4. This is lovely. I like the details of the flowers. The colour is very practical as it will go with many different things.

  5. That's beautiful, it looks so soft. Would look gorgeous with a winter dress and boots.