Monday, 22 October 2012

Strawberry swap

The theme for my latest swap was strawberries and my swap partner was Barbara Warren of Bumble Bunting.

I was a bit flummoxed at first about what to make, I had  some fabric with strawberries on it but what to make with it. Fortunately, inspiration struck and I came up with three things! A fabric shop 'sign' for Bumble Bunting, a strawberry brooch and a lavender strawberry.

The shop sign was made with a stripy strawberry fabric for the main body, embroidered and appliqu├ęd words, strawberry cross-stitch and mini bunting out of another strawberry fabric.

The extras.


Strawberry brooch mounted on a decorated card.

As usual, you had to add something new for your swap partner but you couldn't spend more than £3. I saw the tin below in John Lewis and luckily it had been reduced down to £3 exactly. So used this to hold all of the bits and pieces of the parcel.

 Lavender strawberry.


As Barbara is a bunting maker I expected her package to me would contain some, and I was right. I now have some lovely bunting up in my workroom, along with the lavender hearts and my £3 present was the strawberry post-it note blog.

I'm not sure when my next swap will be as I'm pretty busy with making things for christmas, but I'm keeping a look out to see if any new swaps catch my eye.


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