Sunday, 15 September 2013

Shopping, a second go at crochet and a little trip.

 A lot of my raw materials comes from charity shops. They're a good source of vintage bedding (there's bucket loads of fabric in a king size duvet cover!), crocheted mats, wool, etc, though you can't guarantee a good haul every time you go. My regular haunt in New Brighton hasn't had much in it (for me) the past couple of weeks but this week I found yarn. Lots of it. There's some in the picture below, plus there was at least of a dozen more that stayed with my Mum. I also bought a stack of cross-stitching magazines and a couple of pillow cases. Not bad eh?


On Thursday, I went to Calico Laine's shop in Neston. I usually visit their Liscard shop, but their Neston one is a bit bigger and laid out differently, but I can't get there on public transport. This week we had access to a car so to Neston we went. Unfortunately, I was accompanied by my other half so I couldn't mooch around as much as I'd have done if I was on my own. I think I did manage to see everything though!

You can see what I bought in the picture below. One of the reasons I wanted to go there was to see things that aren't in the Liscard shop, but are on their website. When it comes to fabric you really do need to see what it looks and feels like.


On Friday I was on a day trip to Edinburgh and on the journey there and back I had a go at my first granny square. Earlier this year I had my first try of crochet and made a flower, but I have been wanting to do a granny square for a while, as I'd like a granny square blanket. 

Once I had mastered the triple crochet, it was quite straight forward.I started the square a few times until I had the hang of it. You can see my finished square below. It's a bit wonky and I think I missed a treble on the second ring, but it is my first one. For my second square, I'm aiming to keep it as neat as possible, so I'll keep redoing it till I get it right.

I didn't have long in Edinburgh, but I did take quite a few pictures, a couple of which are below. I'll share more of them in the week.

The Balmoral Hotel

Looking across the roof of Waverley station towards Edinburgh Castle

This building used to house The Scotsman newspaper, it's now a hotel.

On the making front this week, I've made a couple of Christmas decorations and done a bit more of my knitted sleeveless jerkin that I started in January 2011! I've had a commission for three of my decorated fish so I've also drawn the design for the embroidery for these. I've also drafted a design for a new sampler, even though I have another that's unfinished, along with the rest of the pile of TBCs (to be completed). My excuse is that I have to draft a design as soon as I get the idea, otherwise I'd forget!

Have a great week.


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  1. Louise congrats on your crochet granny square. It looks great. Edinburgh is a great city. I have fond memories of when I visited there. Wishing you the very best.

  2. I spent a weekend in Edinburgh at the beginning of June, its a fabulous place. You've certainly found lots of lovely things in the charity shops - I love looking around them too for crafty bargains.

  3. you sure got a good stash of thrifty finds...

  4. I always check out our local charity shops for fabrics - our Oxfam is particularly good at bundling up other's left over fabrics for a decent price. The only problem is it tends to definitely be unrepeatable!

  5. well done on your fab charity shop hauls! I can see you have lots of fun finding old treasured to turn into new treasures :)

    a big well done on the granny square too - how fantastic! They will only get better now, you'll have that lovely blanket finished in no time :) x

  6. Well done with your charity shops finds - I love a bargain. Hope you have a good week.

    Jill, Christmas Pie Crafts

  7. I agree. You can get a lot of mileage from a king size duvet !!! I use them for dressmaking toiles and quilt foundation pieces.

    I tend to buy mine from discount stores (the ones going cheap because they can't sell them). I haven't yet gone down the charity shop route for fabric as our local shops aren't Wizzy (my wheelchair) friendly...

    Well done on your crocheting. Granny squares are great for blanket making. I made two; one from individual squares and one huge granny square xx

  8. Yay, I'm so glad you've persevering with the crochet. Well done on the charity shopping, you're a woman after my own heart. x

  9. Oh I have yarn envy. What wonderful finds. Keep going with the crochet it's very addictive and a lovely way to pass time. Great pics of Edinburgh, one of my favourite places. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  10. What a brilliant job you made of your granny square. Can't wait to see the next one you make :) I think I shall have to start searching the charity shops. What a fantastic find that yarn was :)

  11. Wonderful finds! Your little square is very cute. I love your Edinburgh pictures, it's so beautiful. I have a lot of TBCs on my plate right now too... So many ideas sometimes...

  12. I am very jealous of your yarn finds! It is a shame when husbands (and children)spoil your browsing of lovely shops. Your granny square looks fab - looking forward to seeing your next ones next week. x

  13. Ah Edinburgh my favourite place, that nice hotel, been in there, know some one who works there :-) Ok now I'll stop bragging. Well done on the crochet, granny squares are the bestest thing. You can keep going round and round as big or as little as you like. Change colour every row or keep it the same, handy to stick in your bag for on the go projects too. x J

  14. Looks like a ver successful shopping trip

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog today, Louise! You are a no reply blogger, so I could not reply, so I came for a visit instead. I, too, enjoy the charity shops. You never know what treasures you may find. I am not a knitter or crotcheter, but your pink and white square looks sweet! Glad to hear you have started making some Christmas decorations. Only 99 days til Christmas! Ho, ho, ho!

  16. Your granny square turned out well. Nice photos of your trip.