Monday, 17 November 2014

Doodle, Gather, Create

Regardless of the amount of making I'm doing at the moment, I've just started Karen Ruane's latest class, which is called Doodle, Gather, Create. (You can take part yourself  - details of how are on Karen's website). We won't be making anything, but hopefully, we should finish with a collection of designs to inspire in the future.

We're going to create three design sheets and this is the start of my first one.

These two photos show the piece of Linwood fabric and an illustration from my V and A fabric book, which I'm using for the inspiration for my doodling. 

I cut out a wavy line template so that the wavy lines would be even. This design sheet will be made up of more than one piece of paper, the photo on the right (above) has holes cut out of it so you can see the design underneath. Apart from the areas covered by the circles, I drew the design on the page.

The two photos above show my completed design, with the circle areas in pencil.

The circles on the piece of paper with the holes in it, are edged in a mixture of buttonhole lace and pekinese stitch.

There's much more work to be done on this design sheet and I'll be sharing my progress on here this week.


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