Saturday, 25 April 2015

Reinventing the page 1 - design sheet 1

I've started a new course with Karen Ruane called 'Reinventing the page'. We're learning about design and different ways to reinterpret and display them.

I've created a collection of images from Pinterest that I'm going to use as my inspiration for this course.

I chose these two to use elements from for my first design sheet.

I used the shape and the design on the sleeves from the first image and the the round flower in the centre of the dress from the second for my draft design sheet.

I then  used this draft sheet to start on my master design sheet. I changed the colour of the round motifs to blue from the pink on the draft and used peach for the star-shaped image.

There's still a bit more work to do on this before the sheet is finished.


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