Saturday, 5 September 2015

An art book on the subject of text.

I recently made a mini quilt for a swap,  which had to made from at least two different fabrics that had text as part of there design.  I'll show you that next time, but first, I'd like to show you one of the extras I made for my partner - a little art book with a text theme. I got the idea from Karen Ruane, who has been making art books on her blog recently and I wanted to have a go at one myself and this swap gave me the perfect excuse. 

I made the pages from watercolour paper and used a mixture of images from magazines,  pages from books, photos of some of my artwork, stickers and die cut letters, along with a bit of embroidery, pen work and tied on buttons. 

I've also left blank areas for the recipient to add their own little drawings or images etc.

The pages were sewn together using mercerised cotton thread.

I really enjoyed making this one, so I think I'll be making more.



  1. beautifully done. i'm slowly putting one together for a friend's birthday in November.

    1. Thanks Deanna. I hope you'll share pictures of yours once your friend as received it.