Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Wedding anniversary cards

These are the latest wedding anniversary cards that I've made. I used decorative papers, images of vintage cards, flowers cut out from a magazine, wrapping paper and fabric, vintage ribbon and embellishments onto coloured card.

You can contact me via email at elsiemayandbertha@virginmedia.com if you'd like something similar made for you. 



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    1. An A5 size card like these is £5 plus p&p if you email me at elsiemayandbertha@virginmedia.com with the kind of style you'd like I can make one for you. I will need payment first. I'll email you photos of the finished card before I send it to check it's okay. It'll take about a week so it depends on when you need it by. 💜

  2. Wow, these wedding anniversary cards are so pretty. Please tell me from where I can buy one for my sister. Actually she is celebrating her 1st anniversary at some domestic event space San Francisco and I was thinking to buy such a unique anniversary card for them.