Saturday, 8 April 2017

A new birthday card design

I made this card for someone who wanted to give an 80th birthday card. I'd bought some double-sided (with a different pattern on each side) 250gsm paper that is thick enough to use as card, so I decided to use this as the base for my card. Rather than the usual fold in half card for the tri-fold one (I used the last for the card in this post), I decided to try a 'wardrobe doors' style, with two small fold on either side.

I decorated the front with dried bougainvillea petals and a dried aster flowerhead, along with a resin cameo and dome pearls. I used a couple of circular cardboard numbers from my stash for the 80 on the front. I've also added gold ribbon to tie the card closed.

Inside, rather than go for the standard sentiment with space to write on the card, I made a pocket out of the same paper as the card and made a tag to go in it for the writing bit. I've also added a couple of stitckers for decoration on the inside.

I was really pleased with the way it turned out (as was the person it was made for) and I'll be using this style again, especially as the tied front means that you can add something like a brooch or small piece of art inside to be revealed when the card is open.

I'll be back on Monday with this week's #our52weekproject post, when I'll be adding a further dimension to the circle format I'm using!


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