Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Knitting the washcloth

When I've been meandering around the internet looking for knitting patterns, I've often come across those for knitted washcloths (or facecloths). We're cat sitting at the moment and I wanted something that I could easily take with me and would be quick and easy to do. What ever I decided on would also have to be saleable as I'm still trying to get back into the work habit! So,as  I'd got some knitting cotton left over from a throw/afghan I made a few years ago I thought about having a go at a knitted washcloth.

As this was my first attempt I used a pattern I'd found on the Lion Brand website called the Bluebird Beach washcloth. The pattern is over four rows and easy to remember and only took a couple of hours to complete.

 Having completed my 'prototype', I went in search of some more knitting cotton (I'd not got as much left as I thought) and found some organic cotton made by Twilleys of Stamford at John Lewis'. It's from their freedom sincere range and comes in a lovely range of colours.

I've now started on my first washcloth using a darkish pink (see below) using a simple basketweave and seed pearl pattern I've put together myself.

I did wonder why people (the Americans in particular) used knitted washcloths as I'd have thought they'd be a bit soggy compared to a towelling facecloth, but having used my prototype in the shower I'm converted. It was easy to use, 'felt' better than a towelling one and dried just as quickly. I foresee a few people getting these as birthday/Christmas presents! 

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