Sunday, 26 September 2010


I've had the urge to bake again. This time I plumped for Parkin, again another from Sue Lawrence's 'On Baking' book.
One of the advantages of Parkin is it's easy to do, basically sieve all the dry ingredients, add oatmeal

Add the melted butter and black treacle.
Now, when you've mixed everything together you're supposed to put the mixture (which smells lovely by the way) into a 2lb loaf tin, however, I must have checked mine a while ago so had to use a square cake tin. I really must start to check I've got everything I need before embarking on anything in the baking line!
As it was a lot thinner than it should have been I had to guess how long it should have be cooked for. I found I've got a timer on my phone, which  was useful. The end results were delicious though.
I think fairy cakes next.


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