Sunday, 12 September 2010

We're off.....

Well, I'm off, but I was trying for an appropriate title for this post without starting with something biblical like 'in the beginning'. Why? Well, having taken voluntary redundancy from work, and I can't say I miss it, though I do miss the people, I'm setting up my own little website selling the things I make. And to start this off I've been busy sorting through my stash of fabric, doing a bit of purchasing of vintage fabric on ebay and cutting up bits of fabric to make into cushions, lavender bags and jewellery cushions during the past couple of weeks. Yesterday I completed my first item for sale, a union jack cushion. It's still needs a good iron, but I couldn't wait to see what is looked like with a cushion pad in it.  I've also been able to make use of my new labels (though it's not the first item I've used them on as I added one to the jewellery roll I made for my mother's birthday so she could have the inaugural piece) for Elsie May and Bertha, my shop, as well as this blog, once I get it up and running. They're the names of my two grandmothers, Elsie May Hancock and Bertha Hodson.

Louise xx

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