Friday, 5 August 2011

Lavender's blue dilly dilly

Lavender in my Mum's front garden
I love lavender. I know I say I 'love' something a lot, but in the case of lavender I really mean it (I really must come up with something new when I really like something. Ooh three 'reallys', must do something about that as well. Anyway I digress).
More of my Mum's lavender
Lavender has loads of uses:
  • you can use it in cooking - last Sunday my Mum used a few lavender flowers in some poached plums, it added an almost ginger flavour. But there's lots of other things such as shortbread and ice cream it can be added to. You just have to remember to use it sparingly otherwise it can overwhelm whatever you're adding it to.
  • to help you to sleep - add a couple of drops of lavender to water in an oil burner to release the fragrance. Pop a lavender pillow under your own pillow or a lavender bunny in a child's bed (we have a nice selection at Elsie May and Bertha). Plus there's lots if lavender scented candles and incense sticks out there, may I suggest The Lush Candle Shop for burners, lavender oil and lavender candles?
Elsie May and Bertha lavender pillows.
  • soaps, bath oils etc - lavender's so lovely and relaxing.
  • keeping away moths - if you put lavender sachets in your drawers or hang a lavender heart on your hangers, the smell keeps moths away from your clothes. Moth prevention is definitely important if you've been following the cashmere trend of the past few years. Moths love cashmere. Again, Elsie May and Bertha has a wide range of lavender hearts and sachets.
Lavender bunnies from Elsie May and Bertha.
Of course, you don't have to buy lavender goodies from Elsie May and Bertha (but, of course, I'd love it if you did). It's easy to knock up a lavender sachet or heart yourself. All you need is some scraps of fabric, dried lavender (you can buy this or dry your own lavender from your garden) and some stuffing (if you want your heart/sachet to be really plump, otherwise just add the lavender). Decide what shape you want to do, a square or oblong is the easiest, or create your self a heart template. Right-sides facing use running stitch (smallish stitches are best as the lavender is less likely to spill out) around the edges of the fabric leaving a gap so your can turn it inside out and fill it with lavender. Once you've done that, sew up the hole, and Bob's your uncle.
Elsie May and Bertha lavender hearts.


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