Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Museum of Liverpool (part 2 - the exhibits)

I mentioned in part 1 of my blog post on the Museum of Liverpool that the building was worth a visit just in itself, but the galleries themselves make it a double pleasure.

Welcome to the Museum of Liverpool
The majority of the galleries are open:
  • Wondrous Place.
  • People's Republic.
  • Global City.
  • Little Liverpool.
  • Skylight Gallery.
With these galleries opening later in the year:
  • The Great Port.
  • Liverpool Overhead Railway.
  • History Detectives.
  • City Soldiers.
When we had a look around the galleries last Thursday (21 July) we didn't see everything, but the following photo's will give you an idea of what's there.

Part of the Liverpool Cityscape painted by Ben Johnson during 2008. It's better than a photograph. 

Quilt made by Liverpool expats in 2000.

Detail of Liverpool expats quilt (1)
Detail of Liverpool expats quilt (2)
Lutyen's model of the proposed catholic cathedral. Only the crypt was built.

Welsh community teapot.

Eddie Merxx's bike

A coal fired fryer from a Liverpool chippy. It's covered with ceramic tiles.

A Ford Anglia - these used to be made in Liverpool.

Paul McCartney's shirt with a poem by Roger McGough.

Paul McCartney's trousers with another poem by Roger McGough.

Railings from the Liverpool Sailor's Home. It opened in 1850.
These are just a tiny few of the exhibits that you can see at the Museum of Liverpool. There's enough to see to last you a dozen of visits.


PS. There's more exhibit photos on Elsie May and Bertha's Facebook page.

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