Friday, 8 July 2011

Our living room

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago when I was spending too much time watching the tennis at Wimbledon so spending a bit of time in our living room.

Our living room isn't really the kind of room that you'd see in the home interiors magazines, it's too eclectic (and often not very tidy!) with bits of furniture sited in places that wouldn't have been allowed if an interior designer or stylist had been involved. But you may be interested in having a peek.

The big change to the layout of the room was when we had the central heating put in last summer (we'd managed 20 years without it, but the opportunity we were given to have it installed was too good to miss). The radiator had to go on the wall between the living and front rooms (the front room radiator is on the other side of the wall) so the cabinet had to be moved. The room's a bit cramped now, but there's only the two of us and we don't mind.

Anyway, have a shufty at our living room (apologies in advance for the untidy bits!)

The aforementioned radiator. The plate above the shelf is of the folly on the top of Mow Cop in Staffordshire, a reminder of where I came from (not the folly you understand, Kidsgrove in Staffordshire). The two large pictures are of the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth liners.

The cabinet had to be slotted between the chimney breast and the desk by the french windows. When we first had the cabinet it was in a dark oak colour, when we redecorated the room it didn't go, so we painted it with the same emulsion we'd used for the walls. The desk is the one I've had since I was little.
Our purple chimney breast. The rest of the walls are painted in a cream so I wanted to add a bit of zip. The fire is a living flame gas fire. The picture is of Plockton in Scotland.

Our lovely french windows. We had these ones put in in January 2010, the original windows were so bad we ended up having to screw the doors shut, and when it rained in a certain direction it came in. It took a while before we had the money to replace them, but it was the best money we ever spent. There's so much more light coming into the room (we're on the dark side of our pair of semis) and the glass goes right down to the floor now, so we have a better view of this bit of the garden.

These plates are another part of my heritage. They're all pictures of various types of canal boats. My family on my Dad's side were narrow boat people.

Book cases. These hold a small section of our (well mine really) book collection. I've also managed to migrate a bit of my fabric, lace, buttons etc etc from the Elsie May and Bertha workroom (see the shelves in the corner). The amount that's on here fluctuates, depending whether I had to tidy up or not!!

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour around our living room.


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  1. I love a good nosy around other people's homes. I love that shade of purple on your wall, it is really pretty. The plate wall is really cool too. I want to so something like that when we finally have a house in which we can attach stuff to the walls.