Saturday, 2 July 2011

Laundry bags

As well as taking my lingerie bags on holiday, we also always take a laundry bag, or as it's know in our household, a 'dirty knicker bag!'

They are great to use on holiday for putting your dirty smalls in, plus all of your washing is in one place when you get home.

They're also useful in the home as well. Hang one in each bedroom and ask the occupants to place their dirty laundry inside them. Then whoever does the washing (in our house this is not me, I don't know how the washing machine works and I do realise how lucky I am not to have to learn to) just has to collect the bags.

I keep a lavender sachet in my laundry bags so that they keep smelling fresh, plus they're easy to wash.

If you'd like one of the laundry bags pictured in this post, visit the lingerie sachet and laundry bag section of the Elsie May and Bertha site.


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