Friday, 26 August 2011

Our bedroom

A few weeks ago I blogged about my living room, and as I received some favourable comments I thought that I'd share the rest of our house with you. So here's the next one on our bedroom. All of the photos in this blog are my views of the room when I'm bed as they're the views that I see so often. So much so, that most of the items in the room, such as those on the shelf above the radiator are faced towards me as I'm the one who spends most time in their (my better half gets up once he's awake, but I like to linger reading my book or magazine etc).

My bedside table. The pictures are of our old family cats, Guinness, Charlie and April. The underneath shelf houses my magazines and books to be read.
Now, I know that I'm really lucky in having such a large bedroom (it's 15ft x 17ft 6in approx.) and, as we have a dressing room, there aren't any wardrobes in their. The current decorating scheme was updated last year with the Laura Ashley wallpaper on the walls behind and next to the bed (you can see photos of our bed in my 'Dressing the Bed' post).

The samplers on the wall were embroidered by me. The pile of cushions in front of the glass cabinet are the ones off the bed, with bedding being stored in the two chests.
There's a settee at the bottom of the bed.
The chest of drawers was made by my husband when we were first married. The dressing table I've had since I was young.
I made the curtains from Ikea bedspreads. The pictures are of two distilleries, Dalwhinnie and Talisker.
My two companions, Jack at the back and the back of Ollie.
Our bedroom my not be hotel chic, but it has everything we need and is extremely comfortable.


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