Sunday, 28 July 2013

More cards, the same needle cases and a few other things.

Before I started this post, I thought that I hadn't finished much this week, but now I have taken the photos for this post I realise that I have.

To start, two anniversary cards for my Mum and Dad.
This one has an old postcard from Capri as well as some Italian stamps (I made this one for my sister).

The flowers all over this card are cut from vintage wallpaper. The bird is also wallpaper and the sentiment is a printed from a 1930s card.

The needle cases that I gave a sneeky peek at last week have been sent and received, so I can now show them to you.

Each needle case is different, though there are some elements, such as the 'love' ribbon and the vintage lace on the edge of the front of each one. The fabrics are mainly samples, with a printed piece of linen featuring something to do with sew and decorated with lace and buttons. Each one is fastened by wrapping ribbon around a button. Inside there's 'pages' made from felt, with a couple of needles, couple of pins and a needle threader.

I made an needle case for the lady who bought them (the lovely Mrs Marmalade) too.

I also finished this rose pillow, which has been hanging around a for a while.

I've added some pictures of crazy patchwork (from Pinterest) to my workbook and started a couple of pages in my scrapbook cum journal (it's ages since I've done anything in either of those!).

As mentioned last week, I've started on my Christmas making. So far, I've put together a couple of felt decorations (they just need sewing and stuffing), the front of a lavender pillow and gathered together bits and pieces to make hanging decorations.

That's it I think! Hopefully, I'll be as good next week!


I'm taking part in Handmade Harbour as usual, pop over and see what everyone's been up to.


  1. You have been very busy! I love all of those needle cases, they must have taken you ages. Glad I'm not the only one making a start on Christmas.

  2. You have done a lot for someone who thought they had done little! The needle cases are wonderful. I really love the fabrics on the pillow.

  3. The needle cases look very pretty. I think my favourite of the cards is the one with the bird.

  4. Wow, those little needle cases are very pretty and the cards are lovely.

  5. I really like the way you add a lot of texture to your makes with the different materials and techniques. xx

  6. Oh, what gorgeous and very pretty makes. I love how all the elements come together to make something very beautiful.

  7. Why is that one item gets left half made? It never feels quite right when that happens to one of my items, but your pillow cover looks great.

  8. Wow you have been busy. The cards are so detailed, really pretty designs. The rose cushion and the needlecases are gorgeous. I love they're vintage theme.
    Ali x

  9. Gosh, you have had a busy week. Your cards and needle cases are really pretty.

  10. Wow Louise, you have been busy! I love all the items you shared today but the needle cases are my favorite. I hope you are off to a wonderful start to your week.

  11. wow! you have been busy! i looove those needle cases, i bet the customer was thrilled, especially as she got one too! :)

    you rose cushion is very pretty, i love all the detail like the applique flowers and pom pom tassel, its full of lovely character :) x