Saturday, 31 August 2013

Lacy knitting – a pattern review.

A few weeks ago I received an email asking me whether I would mind reviewing a knitting pattern. The patterns looked lovely, and as my Mum is a much more competent knitter than I am I asked her if she’d help.

There are three pattern in the booklet a top, a wrap and a lace trim. My Mum offered to do the top and I’d have a go at the trim (more about the wrap later).
A note– this pattern is American, so some of the abbreviations used aren’t the same as the UK ones.
For example: this pattern uses SSK, which in UK abbreviations would be SKPO (slip one, knit one pass slipped stitch over i.e. losing a stitch). You can find out more on American knitting abbreviations the Craft Yarn Council's website.
The top
As the yarn mentioned in the pattern is American, my Mum chose Stylecraft's Life DK as it knits with the same size needles used in the pattern. Once she’d worked out what the American abbreviations meant, the knitting of the front and back was fairly straight forward.
However, she did find a mistake on page one. The instructions for the * repeat section for row 8. says *k2, yo, sk2p, yo, k3*  and she read sk2p to mean 'slip one stitch, knit 2 stitches pass slipped stitch over the 2 stitches', but it should be 'slip one stitch, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over'  otherwise you end up with too many stitches.

Knitting the arms and neck involved using circular, which she finds uncomfortable to use - the armholes particularly so. She is going to use straight needles next time. The seams in the collar can still be neatly done that way.

The top fits beautifully when it's on and the moss stitch collar (the moss stitch is also in the lace section) contrasts with stocking stitch beautifully. 

The lace trim
As I am going to use the trim I make onto a cushion (the example in the pattern is for a pillow) I chose some green mottled wool from my stash that knits using the same needles in the pattern.

The pattern is 14 rows in length and is straight forward. It produces a lovely trim with a lacy bit on one side and a mock cable on the other. You could use all sorts of yarn to knit the pattern (though the width and length will vary depending on the yarn you use) and knit it for as long as you’d like. I have some lovely purple yarn that I’m going to knit to trim a lampshade in my bedroom. 
 However, I did find a mistake in row 4, it reads "sl 1, k4, sl, k2tog, psso, k2 [yo, k2tog] twice, k1; 13 stitches"

The first K2tog should read K1, otherwise you end up with 12 rather than 13 stitches.


The wrap

This looks beautiful in the picture (the first one) doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the pattern is shown in a chart rather than written instructions and neither of us likes to knit from those. It’s a common hindrance in a lot of patterns. However, as this one is so nice, I am going to transcribe the chart into words to enable either one of us to have a go at the wrap sometime in the future.

In conclusion
We’ve both enjoyed knitting the two items from this pattern. My Mum made the top for me and it fits beautifully. So much so, that she has started to knit another one, in red this time, for me. They’ll be lovely for when the weather become cooler, with a shrug or cardigan to cover your arms if you need it.
Below there is the link to the pattern to download it for yourself (it’s free - just add your email address and press the 'Get my free e-book' button.

I hope you enjoy knitting the patterns if you decide to.


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  1. Wow. I wish I could knit like your mum as every stitch is perfect.

    Lovely patterns. A lot of my knitting books are American so I'm getting used to their abbreviations. Still prefer ours though....

  2. That top is beautiful, still hoping to get the courage to try knitting a garment!

  3. That top is lovely! I'm not surprised you'd like another one.

  4. Beautiful work. The lace patterns are lovely. The fact that you are prepared to 're-write' the chart shows how lovely the patterns are.

  5. Well knitted and bonus stars for being able to work out the errors!

  6. Lovely knitting. I think the lacey trim is my favourite.

  7. good you spotted the mistakes - I suppose that is the purpose of reviewing the pattern but you have to be good knitters to be able to do it and not just thin k it's your error. The lacy section looks delicately pretty!

  8. wow that top looks gorgeous, so professional - your mum is an ace knitter! I think i'd get waaaay too confused with all that slipping and stitching.... :/ x

  9. They look beautiful
    I guess knitting language is similar to regular language - you think we speak the same one as the Americans but the subtle differences are important!

  10. I love the lacey top, the detail at the bottom is beautiful, and I'm sure as the sun starts to disappear it will keep you warm in the autumn chill.

  11. That's a very pretty top, a lovely colour too, I like the contrast of stitches. I have a bit of knit envy when I see such neat knitting.

    Jan x

  12. Amazing knitting, such fine stitches.

  13. Beautiful job! I'm hosting a candle giveaway that you should enter!