Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Jumbled words - a new page in my anniversary journal.

 I've mentioned before that one of the themes in Simply Stitch 4 is hidden words and this is my latest take on it. Using a piece of handmade paper I stenciled on the words you can see in the first two photos. I drew around my hexie template filling the back of the page with hexies to cut out. I drew the hexies on the back because I didn't want the words to be lined up on the hexies as drawing the hexies on the front I'd be more likely to unconsciously line the woods up.

I attached a strip of embroidered Japanese paper on the right and played around with the hexies until I was satisfied with their look. If you hadn't seen what the original piece of writing was you can't really work our what the words were about as the hexies are jumbled up and a proportion of them ended up in the bin.

I haven't decided whether I'm going to keep this page as it is or add anything else as yet. So watch this space!


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