Thursday, 15 May 2014

Printing experiments

I have been using handmade papers to print and sew onto as part of my work during Simply Stitch 4. Those were used to have words printed upon them, but I wondered what would happen if you printed a picture on them.

I chose a couple of pictures from 'Mr. Marshal's flower book (it's a Royal Collection publication), which is full of beautiful flowers.

The next three photos are printed onto mulberry paper that has flecks of gold in it. I'll probably use this image for a paper collage.

The photos of the foxglove are printed onto the same mulberry paper, but this time it has been mounted onto a piece of fabric.I'll use this one for a fabric collage, as the fabric will enable me to embroider onto the image. Without the fabric, the paper would be too weak to embroider onto.

This image of a lily has been printed onto transfer paper, which makes it more translucent. The image shows up distinctly when there's a light background behind it, and so it's becomes more indistinct with a dark background. Again, this will probably be used for a paper collage. 


I'm loving the experimentation, so you'll probably be seeing more!



  1. Wonderful flower images! Are you using an inkjet or what type of printer? Can't wait to see what you are going to do with these. x Joan

  2. I love the effect of printing onto mulberry paper, it always has such a nice texture to it.

  3. These are lovely, great idea