Friday, 16 September 2016

Art journaling

I've made this art journal out of an old book. I kept the hardcover as it was as I liked the silver diamond design on it. I just covered up the title with stickers that say 'art journal'. A journal like this is easy to make. You need an old book (find these at charity shops) that has, preferably, a stitched binding. That type of binding makes it easier to remove pages. Remove one or two, double pages from the centre of each bound section. This allows you to add things to the journal and not make it too bulky. For this one I've glued every two pages together, which will allow me to use paint without buckling the page too much.

As this is an art journal, as opposed to my junk journal that I use as a sort of diary, I can create all sorts of art without leaving space for writing. These first two pages, were done on two separate days. The right side has a background of acrylic paint (you can still see the words of the book underneath) and I did a rough sketch of these flowers in white paint. Once the paint had dried I added the detail to the page with a white gel pen.

The other page has a background of kraft paper with a collage created from a magazine image, washi tape, stickers and a few gems.

I'm looking forward to doing more painting in this journal.

I'll be back on Sunday.


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