Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Our front room

This post is the next instalment in my occasional series on the rooms in our home (previous instalments were on our bedroom and living room).

Our front room - now I call it that, because it was what my Mum and Dad called their front room in their old house, and we have another room that's called the living room. If we were a bit posh I suppose it would be called the drawing room.

The fireplace.
It's our (usually) tidy room where we take guests/visitors to the house. We do use it regularly though, mainly because we record so much TV that there's too much for one Sky+ box, so we have another one in there (I'm not too proud to say that I like watching television). Plus, when I am in there, I'm not allowed to bring lots of stuff in for sewing/knitting etc, which helps keep the room tidy (which is more than can be said for 'my' corner of the living room!) enough for us not to be embarrassed if someone turns up unexpectedly.

This golden yellow settee.
The settee above belonged to my Mum and Dad, we bought it from them when they were downsizing into their current house. The table on the right, with the black lamp on it, sat next to my Grandad's bed in his home in Kidsgrove.

Original artwork
These watercolour and pastel pictures, above the yellow settee, were picked up on holiday in Dunoon, Scotland, over ten years ago.

Green settee.
This settee, along with its chair, were the first bits of furniture that we bought when we'd moved into our house. All of the cushions have been made by Elsie May and Bertha. The mahogany table is more recent buy.

The TV corner
The flat screen TV is pushed against the wall when it's not in use, which we couldn't do before we had the flat screen TV. Old TVs used to take up so much space! The TV stand is a different coloured wood to the fireplace, tables and window surround, but it does match my Grandfather's table, plus it fits exactly into the space!. The curtains in this room are made from dark gold velvet, another result of my Mum and Dad's downsizing.

Alcove shelves
These shelves were made by my better half and hold some of his collection of Lilliput cottages etc and some bits and pieces of my china.

Green chair
I made all of these cushions as well. The back two are embroidered and the front one uses a piece of vintage ribbon work I picked up from a charity shop.
Where the drinks are!
My better half made this cupboard and shelves above, as well. The shelves display a lot of our 'best' glasses as well as the other half's larger Lilliputs, plus it's somewhere to keep the booze!

A cosy corner
Whilst the other walls in this room are painted in a William Morris paint called cowslip, the wall opposite the window has been wallpapered. I spotted this wallpaper (sorry, I can't remember who makes it or what it is called) in the ladies toilet at the Glengarry Castle Hotel, in Scotland. I found out, from the hotel, who their interior designer/decorator was and I was able to buy it from them. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford the matching fabric, which I would have used for cushions, but the yellow background of the wallpaper is exactly the same as the yellow paint on the other walls.

This room has decorative plasterwork on the ceiling and we have a small chandelier.
I hope you have enjoyed the tour.


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