Monday, 13 March 2017

#our52weekproject - week 10


The sample's for this week's circle could be seen as an extension of those that I did for week 4, which showed various ways of using buttonhole stitch - these samples use buttonhole stitch as the base that gets extended by adding repeats of the stitch through the thread loops and not through the fabric.

The cream circle shows the spokes formed from the buttonhole stitch with one extra round of stitches added on. The pale blue and the green and yellow circles have multiple rounds of stitches, with the blue standing up and the yellow lying flat. 

The dark blue circle uses the extra stitches only on half of the circle that are extended over a bead and fastened down on one side to encase the bead. From certain angles this one does look a little like a spider!

The red half circle is similar to the blue but only started from a half circle, and has had back stitch added to the open end of the buttonhole stitch and had one row of extra stitches on the top curve and three on the bottom, which creates a little cave.

The last sample, the long one is similar to the dark blue, as the extra rows of stitches are laid over some thick threads and attached down to completely cover them forming a 'sausage'.

All of the circles of sample I'm creating each week, will form part of a valuable library of information that I will be able to take inspiration from in the future, either to reproduce a sample exactly or to use them as a basic idea to create more samples frpm.

I'll be back on Wednesday.


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