Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Victorian Treasures - an exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery

On Monday we went to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool to see their Victorian Treasures exhibition. All of the paintings in the exhibition belong to the National Museums Liverpool, but some aren't usually hung at the Walker, but at the Lady Lever Art Gallery.

One of the delights of this exhibition is that you can get really close to the paintings, so you can see the brushstrokes and the way the colours have been blended etc. 

Below are some of the photos I took of the paintings. 

The exhibition is on until 7th May, so if you find yourself in Liverpool, it's well worth the visit.

I'll be back on Friday.



  1. *COOL*! :-D
    THANKS for the "peek"! - Love the FRAMING. Seriously ornate, yet still "works"...

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