Sunday, 5 March 2017

#our52weekproject - week 9


Kadie Kamal Stitch

I was looking through my embroidery stitches board on Pinterest to decide on what stitch I was going to try out for this week's circle when I saw this pin showing a needle-weaving technique from India called kadie kamal.

                               NaliniAnbarasu's Tutorials: KADAI KAMAL STITCH:

There's lots of weaving going on in the craft magazines at the moment (my latest copy of Mollie Makes has a little loom as the free gift and I've seen quite a few macrame-type hangings too), so it caught my eye.

Foolishly, I used a fine thread for my first set of laid out threads because of the time it took to complete the weaving on one quarter of the square! But it did allow me to have a bit of a play with the weaving. If you look at the third photo you can see some thicker lines of woven thread where I've gone up and under the same threads (making sure not to do that on the first and last threads as all you do is pull out the last row you wove!) to give a thicker line. You could also vary the thread you're using by using a thicker one in between a thinner one, for instance.

I used a thickish cotton perle for the next 'half' in pink, and I used the same thread in green to do the weaving. Because of the gathering of the threads at the centre of the square are so close together you can't see the weft (green) threads, but as the warp (pink) threads splay out the green becomes more and more obvious and end up hiding the pink ones at the other end.

I just did the simple square shape for this week's circle sample, but there are quite a few shapes that you could use this technique for that I will sample in later weeks.

I hope you're having a good weekend and I'll be back on Tuesday.


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