Monday, 22 May 2017

The work of Jackie Wragg and Tilly Wilkinson

The Seagrass Gallery in West Kirby is currently (until the end of May) holding an exhibition of the work of the artists Jackie Wragg and Tilly Wilkinson.called 'Designs on Nature'. When I visited last week, I took a few photos, though, unfortunately, not always brilliant ones due to the position of some of the paintings etc and my lack of skill!

Jackie Wragg

Jackie graduated in 1984 with a first class honours degree in Fine Art. She has exhibited in group exhibitions in the UK and USA including the National Portrait Gallery London, the Royal Academy, The Royal Festival Hall, The Whitechapel and Manchester United Stadium Gallery. She has a both paintings and lino prints in the exhibition.
(Info from Jackie's website)

Detail from the painting above.

Tilly Wilkinson

Tilly's work is in vitreous enamel: powdered glass that is fired on to a metal base usually copper, steel, or precious metal.
Enamels often react with the metal they are fired onto, producing unexpected colours and effects. Whilst this is a stumbling block for the beginner it is one of the characteristics that Tilly loves about enamel, To use enamel well requires experience and knowledge of the likely effects that can be achieved if the enamel is fired for different times and at different temperatures.
Tilly produces a range of items from wall pieces to 3 dimensional work, jewellery and bowls. Her current work has a narrative element to it and is illustrative of the comings and goings of the wildlife in her own garden and in the wider landscape around her.
(Info from Tilly's website)

Both Jackie and Tilly have created some beautiful work haven't they?

I'll be back on Thursday.


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