Tuesday, 15 March 2016

A lavender pillow for Mother's Day.

I've been meaning to combine a photo with embroidery for a while. We have quite a few of my husband's photos on our walls at home and walking past them regularly has meant I've been adding embroidery to them in my mind. But, like a lot of ideas, they've not moved far enough up the 'to do' list to be started. However, I did need something for my Mum on Mother's Day and I used the opportunity to have a go at combining a photo with embroidery.

The photo is one of my Mum with her's and I printed it onto a piece of vintage linen that had a flowery transfer on it. (A couple of years ago I picked up 4 or 5 linen tablecloths and each one had the same flowery transfer, unworked on them, this piece is from one of those.) I printed the image so it appeared in the middle of the design and then I embroidered the design over the top of it using a mixture of chain, running and stem stitches and french knots. The back is from a piece of linen in my stash. I stuffed the inside with dried lavender and stuffing.

I think it turned out rather well, and my Mum thinks so too. Once my work in progress pile has shrunk a little, I plan to do another photo/embroidery combo, though this time I'll use my own embroidery design.



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    I have been wanting to use photos on fabrics however haven't figured out yet how to do it with my printer.
    YOur pillow is wonderful

  2. Oh this is lovely! Your embroidery is beautiful. What a sweet idea for your mom!

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