Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Embroidery and patchwork quilt.


I've cut back on doing swaps this year, but I signed up for this mini quilt swap last year. The idea was to combine embroidery with quilting. My partner likes LiliPopo's embroidery designs and I've been wanting to buy some of her designs to embroider for ages, so this swap was a good excuse to finally buy some!

The one I used for this quilt is called 'Night, Night' and was the one that my partner chose out of the designs I'd bought ( I bought five designs for £10, which is a bargain) but I used my own colour scheme to match the patchwork fabrics I was going to use for the quilt.

Everything on this quilt has been hand-stitched, whether it was the patchwork, quilting or binding. I've used a lovely bias binding that has a crocheted edge that picks up on the colours used in the embroidery. 

My partner loved her quilt, despite its wobbly edges!

This circular quilt was made for me by my partner (the same one I sent to). Isn't it magnificent? Her sewing machine skills are much better than mine and the shape of the quilt (I definitely wouldn't attempt a circle!) fits in with the embroidery beautifully. It's going to be hung on my bedroom wall underneath one of my own pieces of work.


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