Saturday, 26 March 2016

Blue and white gingham lavender sachets.

Blue and white is a classic combination and I found this organic cotton gingham at The Draper's Daughter (they have a fantastic collection of fabrics) and thought that it'd be perfect for making lavender sachets with.

The first ones I made have hangers so you can hang them on a coat hanger or door handle. I decorated each one with a piece of vintage embroidery (from an old tablecloth) and lace daisy's that were originally bought for bridesmaid dresses when I was little (all of the stuff in my staff eventually gets used even if they've been there for over 35 years!). The hanger is blue and white braid and is tied on with a little button.

The second set are sachets for popping in a drawer or placing on your dressing table etc. Each one has a corner from a vintage fine cotton hankie, attached with running stitch and french knots. Once they were sewn up I tied on a tiny mother of pearl button at the point of each hankie piece.

All of the sachets are just filled with dried lavender flowers and are available from the Elsie May and Bertha Etsy store.

Happy Easter.

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